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Products & Services

Ship Machine - Building JSCo is specialized in the following directions:

  • Design, manufacture and repair of ship equipment.
    This is the traditional field, in which the company is specialized. Ship Machine – Building JSCo is the leading Bulgarian manufacturer of complex ship equipment – hatch covers, stern and side ramps for Ro-Ro vessels, heavy-lift beams, deck machinery, ladders, masts and other superstructures.

  • Shipbuilding
    This is a comparatively new, but strategically important activity for our company. In 2007-2008, as a result of the execution of an investment program for over one million euro, production capacity was created for building of steel vessels with length of up to 95m. Several newbuilding projects have been completed, which gave the good start of this new activity.
    Apart from newbuilding, Ship Machine - Building JSCo has solid experience in repair and conversion projects.
    Another aspect of the shipbuilding activities in Ship Machine - Building JSCo is the manufacture and installation of ship blocks for newbuilding/conversion projects.

  • Design and building of floating vessels on ferroconcrete hulls.
    This is the activity, which distinguishes Ship Machine – Building JSCo from the other Black Sea region shipbuilding companies. Ship Machine - Building JSCo has produced over 350 floating facilities based on ferroconcrete hulls and many new concepts attract the attention of potential investors.

  • Fabrication of metal structures
    The fabrication of steel structures – both standard and unique ones – has been one of the main production activities for Ship Machine – Building JSCo. In its history of more than 50 years the company has produced over 80000 tons of steel structures for domestic and foreign customers – bridges, radio and TV towers, workshop structures, installations for the chemical and mining industries, for power plants, etc.