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Products & Services --- Ship equipment

Ship Machine - Building JSCo is an established manufacturer of various ship equipment:
  • Hatch covers - various types (Folding, Multi-folding, Pontoon, etc) for maindeck and tweendeck, as well as fittings for hatch covers;
  • Equipment for Ro-Ro vessels - stern and side ramps, internal doors, etc.;
  • Cargo handling equipment - ship and port cranes, lifting beams, etc.;
  • Deck machinery - winches, capstans, windlasses, etc.;
  • Other ship equipment - ladders, masts, doors, windows, etc.

    The necessary facilities for the fabrication of ship equipment (welding equipment, cutting machines, cranes, etc.) are maintained in top condition to ensure the quality of the end product.

    Ship Machine - Building JSCo is the only company in the region that has indoor facilities for sandblasting and painting. In 2003 the indoor areas were doubled which allowed to execute coatings with best quality and as per strict requirements (zinc silicate and others).

    Special attention has been paid to the welding process. Ship Machine - Building JSCo has an Approval for welding of hull structures, issued by Germanischer Lloyd, covering manual welding, submerged arc welding and semi-automatic metal-arc active gas welding of normal and higher-strength hull structural steels.