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Products & Services --- Ship equipment --- Hatch covers

The fabrication of hatch covers and fittings for them has been one of the most important activities for Ship Machine - Building JSCo since its establishment. So far more that 230 complete sets of hatch covers have been delivered under orders from local and foreign customers.

From 1965 up to 1989 Ship Machine - Building JSCo had been producing hatch covers under license agreement with MacGREGOR. During this period all the vessels built in the Bulgarian shipyards for local and foreign clients were equipped with hatch covers produced at our workshops (more than 120 complete sets for maindeck and tweendeck).

After the expiration of the license the company started to develop and implement its own designs. During 1989 - 1997 complete sets of hatch covers for 38 newbuildings in Varna and Rousse shipyards were produced. The partnership with MacGREGOR continued on subcontractor terms - orders for complete sets of hatch covers for 4 vessels were executed. After the halting of the activity of Varna Shipyard in the beginning of 1999, Rousse Shipyard became company's major domestic client for hatch covers. Since then Ship Machine - Building JSCo has delivered 14 sets of hatch covers to the shipyard.

The company also earned the trust of a number of foreign customers, for whom the following projects were executed:
- shipsets of maindeck and tweendeck hatch covers for 18000 DWT Dry Cargo Vessels - Turkish Shipbuilding Industry hulls 237 and 238
- shipsets of maindeck hatch covers for 4000 DWT Dry Cargo Vessels - Bodewes Shipyards hulls 622, 642 and 677
- shipsets of maindeck and tweendeck hatch covers for Heavy-Lift vessels - Volharding Shipyards hulls 549, 550, 551, 552 and 556
- shipsets of maindeck hatch covers for 900TEU Container Vessels - Volharding Shipyards hulls 588, 589, 590 and 591

In the recent years there has been a good cooperation with the biggest Bulgarian shipyard Buyard Shipbuilding Industry JSCo (former Varna Shipyard) and the following projects for fabrication of hatch covers were executed:
- shipsets of maindeck hatch covers for 41450 DWT Bulk Carriers - Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry hulls 515 and 516
- shipsets of maindeck hatch covers for 9300 DWT Dry Cargo Vessels - Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry hulls 287 and 288
- shipset of hatch covers for 55700 DWT Bulk Carrier - hull 101
- shipset of hatch cover for 20500 DWT Bulk Carrier - hull 459