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Products & Services --- Ship equipment --- Equipment for Ro-Ro vessels / car carriers

This activity started by signing in the end of November 2002 of a manufacturing contract for delivery of two sets of Ro-Ro equipment with TTS Ships Equipments AB. Each shipset consisted of one stern ramp, ramp covers and two bunker doors.
The first set (for Volharding Shipyards hull no. 528 built at Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries) was delivered in April 2003; the second shipset - for hull no.529 - was delivered in October 2003.

In February 2005 Ship Machine - Building JSCo and TTS Ships Equipment AB have resumed their cooperation by concluding a long terms manufacturing contract for the fabrication of six fixed and two plus two optional shipsets of Ro-Ro equipment.
The fixed six shipsets are intended for hulls nos. 436, 465, 466, 467, 468 and 471 being built at Uljanik Shipyards, Croatia. Each shipsets consists of one quarter ramp, one side ramp, five internal sliding doors, four internal top-hinged doors and two movable flaps.
The first couple of optional shipsets was confirmed in October 2005. The shipsets are for hulls nos. 463 and 464 and each one consists of one quarter ramp, one side ramp, three internal sliding doors, six internal top-hinged doors, four movable flaps and one bunker door.

The most recent projects in this specific field are:
- manufacture of stern ramp structure for a conversion project in 2015
- manufacture of two ramps and five cardeck panels for a conversion project in 2016