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Products & Services --- Ferroconcrete vessels

The production of floating ferroconcrete vessels is what distinguishes Ship Machine - Building JSCo from the other shipbuilders in the Black Sea region.

The hulls are built according to the monolithic principle. A sulfate-resistant concrete is put into the structure, which ensures its complete water-tightness, high erosion resistance even in salty water, durability, etc. A high-strength fraction of gravel as well as special type of reinforcement are applied.
Due to the mentioned specific technological features the concrete hull, in contrast to the one made of steel, does not need painting or other type of protection on its submerged part, which makes it practically maintenance free.

The superstructure is made of steel and is executed in bolt or welded joints. Upon clients’ request it can be designed in modules allowing mounting on site.

The application of the ferroconcrete hull is extremely various. As per technical requirements, or draft concept, received from the client it is possible to design a facility with virtually any purpose, and build this facility upon one pontoon or upon a composition of pontoons. All facilities, regardless of their specific type, are designed and built as per the rules of leading Classification societies, which is an additional guarantee fir the quality of the manufacture and the operational safety of the facility.

The floating ferroconcrete facilities find great application in infrastructure projects for enlargement / modernization of ports, shipbuilding and shiprepair yards.
Ship Machine - Building JSCo has developed designs for floating breakwaters to operate in areas, where the depth of the sea does not allow constructing a conventional breakwater. The breakwater represents a configuration of floating pontoons, each with length of up to 70m and width of up to 15m. The designs also cover the anchoring system for the individual pontoons and the complete breakwater

The latest completed project for a floating ferroconcrete facility was for the design and construction of a floating pontoon. The order was made by a Bulgarian client and the pontoon was designed to provide the connection between the shore and the largest floating dock in Bulgaria. The dimensions of the pontoon are 31*15*4.5m. Special anti-skid coating was applied on the pontoon's deck to ensure the safety of the vehicles and passengers.