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Products & Services --- Ferroconcrete vessels --- Historical overview

The building of floating facilities on ferroconcrete hulls in Varna dates back to 1940, when a Bulgarian – German joint venture was established. This company created the production installations and executed the first projects. Later the assets of this company were transferred to Ship Machine – Building JSCo, which became actively involved in this activity. Some of the projects completed in the period 1943 – 1962 include:
- 3000t ferroconcrete self-propelled tanker with length on 93.30m and width of 11.80m
- 500t ferroconcrete non self-propelled barge with length of 43.65m and width 9.50m
- ferroconcrete fish-processing plant with length of 43.65m and width of 9.50m
- floating ferroconcrete hostel vessel with length of 69m and width of 13m
The technology – unique not only in Bulgaria, but in the whole Black Sea region – was acquired and improved, and the production installations underwent many modernizations, which became the basis of the impressive accomplishments of Ship Machine – Building JSCo in the field of building of floating facilities on ferroconcrete hulls.

Ship Machine - Building JSCo has built and delivered more than 350 floating facilities of various types. The major part of those facilities were of the "Floating workshop" type and were supplied to the countries of what was then USSR. The main purpose of those units was to provide their service along the Siberian rivers. The floating workshops were built as per the rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Thanks to the unique advantages, provided by the production technology and the materials, those facilities function for extensive periods of time (more than 50 years), without any need of hull repairs, despite the harsh operational conditions.

Another project, which Ship Machine – Building JSCo takes pride in, is the floating pump station. The company has designed such facilities, equipped with four pump units, each with 800kW output, which can provide total flow of 3.74 m3/s. One of those units is situated at the Nuclear power plant in Kozloduy and its purpose is to provide emergency cooling of the reactors with water from the Danube river.
Floating pumping stations can be used as part of meliorative systems, pumping water out of the rivers and into the irrigation channels.

Floating workshop

Floating pumping station