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Products & Services --- Metal structures

The design, fabrication and mounting of various standard and unique metal structures is another field in which Ship Machine - Building JSCo has achieved impressive results. More than 80 000 tons of metal structures (bridge sections, radio- and TV towers, equipment for power plants, railroad infrastructure, chemical plants, pipeline equipment, etc.) have been manufactured so far.
Among the projects, executed by Ship Machine – Building JSCo are: the fabrication of the steel structures of two of the bridges on the Hemus highway, the fabrication of the radio and TV tower near Svilengrad, the movable roof structure of the concert hall of the National palace of culture in Sofia and others. Steel structures with high complexity and strict requirements have been produced for the then-Yugoslav countries, Russia, Poland, Romania, the Arab countries, etc.

In 2000 Ship Machine – Building JSCo executed a contract with the Bulgarian State Railways company for the design, manufacture and installation of a movable bridge scaffold, intended for servicing the bridge over the Danube between Ruse and Giurgiu. In 2000 and 2001 our company produced steel structures for the mining industry; in 2003 and 2004 Ship Machine – Building JSCo fabricated and supplied installations for the Blue Stream project for gas transfer through the Black Sea.

In 2007 and 2008 the company executed contracts for manufacture of steel structures for the Maritza East power plants, and in 2010 fabricated steel structures under orders from Solvay Sodi, Devnya. During the same period Ship Machine – Building JSCo successfully completed a long-term order for manufacture of steel sections for wind generator towers.

In 2012 - 2013 Ship Machine – Building JSCo executed a contract for the complete design, manufacture and delivery of an unique slipway installation for a shiprepair yard. The installation's function is to pull the vessels (with maximum weight of 600 tons) out of the sea, transport them along land railways to the repair spot and subsequently, after the completion of the repair works, to launch the vessels. The total weight of the steel structures under this project is around 250 tons.

One of the components of the slipway on time of loading on board the transporting vessel

Among the more complex and large-scale projects, completed by Ship Machine – Building JSCo in the recent years, are:
- manufacture and on-site installation of the steel structures of the new passenger terminals of the airports in Varna and in Burgas, with a total weight of over 1800 tons,
- manufacture and on-site installation of the steel structures of a plant for production of explosive materials in Devnya,
- manufacture and delivery of various steel structures – columns, gas ducts, girders, etc. – for a new production line of a cement plant in Italy (over 750 tons of steel structures),
- manufacture and on-site installation of the steel structure of a warehouse for copper slag,
- fabrication and on-site installation of the steel structures for a clam processing plant (~150t)
- fabrication and installation of the steel structures of production workshops.

Depending on the type of structures, the monthly capacity varies in the range 200 – 400 tons, which makes it possible for the company to participate in large-scale projects.

Hemus highway bridge

Svilengrad radio and TV tower