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Products & Services --- Shipbuilding, shiprepair and conversions


In 2007 the company executed a strategic investment program, which created own shipbuilding capacity for building of steel ships with length of up to 95m.

The start of the steel ship newbuilding at Ship Machine – Building JSCo was made by signing of shipbuilding contracts with Bulgarian River Fleet JSCo for building of 2000t river pushed barges under project RBP-020 under GL supervision.
The design of the barges was developed by Ship Machine – Building JSCo and was approved by Germanischer Lloyd.
The main dimensions of the barges are:
- Length overall: 85.00 m
- Breadth, moulded: 11.40 m
- Height of the hull: 3.10 m
- Draft: up to 2.80 m
The barges are intended for transporting of general dry cargo in pushed convoys on the Danube river and are equipped with hatch covers, anchor-mooring equipment, deck fitting, appropriate navigation and signaling equipment according to the rules and regulations in force.

2000t river pushed barges, at final stages of completion

In the beginning of 2008 the company also built two Push Work Boats intended for operation in Jordan. The push work boats with length of 10m were self propelled and were equipped with a deck crane.

Manufacture of ship blocks

Another aspect of the shipbuilding activities at Ship Machine – Building JSCo is the manufacture of ship blocks / sections – both for newbuilding and for conversion projects.
In 2009-2010 Ship Machine – Building JSCo executed a contract for manufacture of ship blocks under order from Bulyard Shipbuilding Industries JSCo (formed Varna Shipyard, the biggest Bulgarian shipyard). Under that contract Ship Machine – Building JSCo supplied fourteen ship blocks with a total weight of ~800 tons (the heaviest block had unit weight of 132.8 tons) for a newbuilding project.
In 2012-2013 Ship Machine - Building JSCo executed a contract with MTG Dolphin shipyard, according to which our company participated as the main subcontractor in a project for conversion of a Ro-Ro vessel into a ferry. The scope of work included manufacture and installation of ship sections, stern door and a ramp, installation of railways and other outfitting works.

Conversions and major overhauls

Apart from participating as a subcontractor in conversion / overhaul repair projects executed at other shipyards, Ship Machine – Building JSCo has executed successfully a number of such projects as a leading contractor – for diving vessels, fishing vessels, specialized dredging barge, etc.
Most recently Ship Machine – Building JSCo executed an overhaul / conversion project of a barge; our scope of works includes the manufacture and delivery of approximately 100 tons of structures, mostly ship sections.

Push work boats at SMB yard

Ship block for conversion of Ro-Ro into ferry

Fishing boat after major overhaul at SMB yard

Barge "DM-097" during conversion at SMB yard